Open Industrial PKI is a free service for acquiring PKI-managed X.509 certificates via standardized interfaces such as EST or CMP. X.509 certificates form the basis for various applications such as secure TLS client-server authentication, code signing or device identities. Predefined profiles for protocols like OPC UA or MQTT simplify the implementation significantly.

You can use Open Industrial PKI for various applications, such as secure client-server authentication, device identification, secure communication, code signing, and secure device updates.

You can use Open Industrial PKI by using the EST or CMP interfaces and requesting X.509 certificates for your applications.

You can obtain X.509 certificates through Open Industrial PKI that can be used for various applications in the industry.

Open Industrial PKI is primarily intended for small and medium-sized enterprises. We are not a replacement for large infrastructures. If you are unsure about your application, please feel free to write to us via open.industrial.pki@campus-schwarzwald.de.


Yes, you have to register to use Open Industrial PKI. However, registration is free and easy.

You can register for Open Industrial PKI by filling out the registration form on the website and providing the required information.

When registering, you will need to provide some basic information, such as your name, email address, company name and VAT.

Registering for Open Industrial PKI usually takes just a few minutes after you fill out the registration form. We will contact you after a successful registration or if we should have any further questions.

After registration, you will receive a token from us that allows you to apply for X.509 certificates via Open Industrial PKI.


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