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Our partners play a crucial role in supporting our free Open Industrial PKI service and contributing to the secure design of industrial automation environments.

“Open Industrial PKI” is a initiative to provide a secure and reliable Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution specifically tailored for industrial automation. With the help of our partners, we are able to offer this service at no cost to provide industries with the tools they need to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of digital communications within their operations.

Our partners share our vision and commitment to creating a more secure future for industrial automation.

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If you or your organization would also like to participate and support Open Industrial PKI, you are invited to do so.

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The Campus Schwarzwald is the center for teaching, research and technology transfer of the mechanical engineering and manufacturing industry with the topics digitalization, leadership and sustainability.

Thanks to the initiative of regional companies, the city and district of Freudenstadt, and the University of Stuttgart, the Campus Schwarzwald has become an important building block for excellent university education and the development of the latest technologies in the field of digitalization in mechanical engineering.

Keyfactor’s roots date back to 2001. What began as a PKI consulting service has evolved into a comprehensive machine identity management platform. Over the years, our focus on empowering customers to protect and manage every machine identity hasn’t wavered. Along the way, we’ve brought together best-in-class companies, people, and technology.

Most recently, Keyfactor merged with PrimeKey, a pioneer in open-source public key infrastructure (PKI) and signing solutions. Bringing together the most widely used PKI and certificate authority (CA) software with end-to-end machine identity management empowers our customers to securely connect and authenticate every device, workload, and application across their business.